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SoundBite Studios is an oasis in the heart of Los Angeles that allows musicians an escape to get inspired in a chill, relaxing atmosphere that stimulates their creativity. Each of our rehearsal rooms has its own distinct feel and appeal. Starting at $16 /hr, we offer the lowest rates in Los Angeles. Each room is equipped with a full backline and a PA with enough power to let the whole neighborhood know what's up. Our bigger rooms even have couches so you can take a breather and relax or work on some lyrics. In such a vastly extending city it can sometimes be hard to get away from the bustle of it all. At SoundBite, it's our priority that at our rehearsal spot, your only concern is finding time to reserve another session with us. With low, atmospheric lighting and lots of comfortable couches, our facilities are a place to not only play and write music, but to meet and and be inspired by others in the SoundBite community, maybe even over a game of pool in our sweet Chapel Room. Whatever it is, let us know. We're in this business for you.

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