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Magic Uneraser 3.1+key free download,restore lost and deleted files easily!
Did you delete a document, mp3 file or picture? Recover any deleted files.

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Magic Uneraser is a new-generation data recovery tool allowing you to restore lost and deleted information from a variety of storage media. The new Windows Vista/Seven-compatible version offers step by step recovery of files and folders from healthy, damaged, formatted and even inaccessible hard drives, memory cards, and USB flash drives. The program supports all file systems: FAT / NTFS / NTFS 5 and can recover NTFS-compressed files.

The software adds the ability to store files being recovered onto a CD or DVD media, uploading them over FTP, or packing them into a standard ISO image. Magic Uneraser can create and process disk images, allowing the users to perform the recovery from a virtual disk image instead of the physical storage device.

The product offers blazing fast recovery of deleted files and folders, is simple to use and easy to learn. A fully guided step-by-step wizard will assist you through the entire recovery process. Just choose the disk that had files and folders you want to recover, click a button, and Magic Uneraser will locate all recoverable files and folders all by itself. You will easily find the files you want to recover as they are marked with special icons.

Magic Uneraser can find and recover information from severely damaged disks and memory cards, even if it's completely corrupted, reformatted, or cannot be accessed by Windows at all. The program can even recover the file names from formatted and damaged disks, which is totally unique for its class of products.

To recover files from corrupted and formatted disks, Magic Uneraser performs the complete scan of a damaged disk, reading information sector by sector in order to detect known file types and calculate the exact position of a file on the disk.

By analyzing information it reads from the disk surface, Magic Uneraser is able to determine the exact beginning, length and position of a file. More often than not, the original file name is also discovered. Of course, if you only want to undelete an erased file, Magic Uneraser will do that in a snap!

Here are some key features of "Magic Uneraser":

Restores from any data carriers:
· The program supports any types of data carriers (hard disks, digital cameras, USB-disks, flash-cards, memory cards of mobile phones, etc.).

Restores the files lost after a virus attack or because of program errors:
· Files could be removed, if your system was attacked by a virus. Some programs also can remove erroneously files. You can restore them, using Magic Uneraser.

Restores the images removed without use of a Recycle Bin:
· Many programs at removal of a file from a disk do not use a Recycle Bin. Even considering, that these files are not present, you can find them on a disk and restore. Also you can restore the files removed from a Recycle Bin.

Restores files from deleted and formatted partitions:
· You can find deleted disks and restore from them files and folders. Also you can restore files from the formatted partitions. Even if you have formatted a disk and thus have changed type of file system on it, all equally remains chance, that the program can find and restore files from the previous disk!

Standard Windows Explorer interface:
· You can look through disk contents as in standard Windows Explorer using Magic Uneraser. Distinction is only that here you can see deleted files in addition to existing files and folders. Deleted files and folders are designated by a special red dagger. It helps you find and restore easily necessary data.

Function of preliminary viewing:
· The built in function of preview allows you to see file contents before its restoration.

Button "Filter" is used for display only deleted files:
· You have the opportunity to look through only deleted files and folders. It helps you to find easily necessary files for restoration.

Search option:
· An expanded option of search allows you to search files and folders on a mask, specifying a part of a name or a full name of a file. Also you can search by date, size and many other parametres.

The restoration prognosis:
· After disk analysis, the program predicts at once, if it is possible to restore each file ("Probably", "Good", "Bad").

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