Armed Rooster Kills Owner at Cockfight


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A California man is dead after being stabbed in the leg... By his knife wielding rooster. You heard that right...

Authorities say Jose Luis Ochoa armed his rooster with the knives which ended up killing him -- during an illegal cockfight. In cockfighting, razor-sharp knives are strapped to the birds’ legs before they fight each other -- often to their deaths. (Video from KABC)

Not a lot of sympathy for Ochoa in the press, though.

The National Post calls it “vigilante justice.”

The Examiner’s Renee Caldwell says the death is tragic -- but she also suggests it’s -- “karmic retribution.”

“Fighting animals is horrific, in my opinion. Our relationship with animals is multi-faceted and complex, but one thing that remains steadfast is that it is unconscionable to use an animal's own nature to risk its life or its opponent's life.”

NBC-affiliate WBIR caught up with the local sheriff’s department about the dangers of cockfighting.

SGT MARTIN KING: “...the sport itself is illegal in the state of California. As far as the dangers this was an unfortunate freak accident that occurred.”

It may be a freak accident -- writes editors from The Bakersfield Californian -- but it should be an opportunity for California lawmakers to take action. Cockfighting is a misdemeanor in California as long as it’s a first offense. And the paper reports Ochoa paid less than $400 in fines for organizing cockfights last year -- but...

“That's peanuts when compared to the betting pots -- upward of $10,000 -- that even a small cockfight can produce. … That makes this state an ‘attractive destination’ to people involved in the so-called sport, given that Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico punish the crime as a felony. Most or all of those offenses should be first-time felonies...”

California CBS affiliate KGPE reports this is the first time a human has died as the result of a cockfight - but The Daily Mail reports another rooster slit its owner’s throat in India just a few weeks ago.

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