The Jace Hall Show - Season 4 Ep. 14 [HD]

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Uploaded on February 14, 2011 by JaceHallShow

Jace has decided to take advantage of his co-hosting duties at the Sony Online Entertainment Fan Faire celebration, by showing his new music video to the thousands of EverQuest players in attendance, much to the dismay of the crowd. On the other hand, our impulsive Froglok is looking for some +3 courage armor to try and do the exact opposite on the center stage in Las Vegas.

We also check out SOE’s newest MMORPG, DC Universe Online with the game’s VP of Development and get a really exclusive and… private look at what helped get the expansive world of DC into the online gaming world. Plus Jace and Barack Obama finish their discussion on universal health care. This and more, on the Jace Hall Show!

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