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It all started the way many things do these days... via Twitter. A jokester tweeted Detroit’s Mayor David Bing and asked him about a RoboCop statue. And the mayor actually replied.

"There are not any plans to erect a statue to Robocop. Thank you for the suggestion."

No, you’re not having a flashback to 1987. Since the initial rejection, some Detroiters have become rather determined. News reports vary on the actual amount of money being raised for the statue -- somewhere between $50 and $80-thousand dollars.

However, the group that formed from all says it’s already 27 percent of the way to its fundraising goal.

Non-profit group Imagination Station Detroit even created a video to help the cause.

“When he awakes, he’s part man, part machine, but scientists stood ‘round his video screen. I said try and fix him up, he malfunctions a bit. He was tough before, but now he’s even tougher...”

But as for whether it’s worth fighting for--- everyone's split -- from news anchors to the blogosphere. The anchors for Arizona’s ABC-affiliate KNXV didn’t have a single matching opinion.

LEFT ANCHOR: “As much as I love Robocop, would love to see a statue there, I just...if there’s an ounce of taxpayer dollars put into this, I mean, what a crime.”
RIGHT ANCHOR: “Yeah, seriously.”
MIDDLE ANCHOR: “As much as I love Robocop--YES! They should build a Robocop statue.”
LEFT ANCHOR: “Of course.”
RIGHT ANCHOR: “And as much as I really don’t care...there you have it.”

A writer for Detroit’s page on Examiner says it’s a silly attempt and RoboCop isn’t worthy of such an honor.

“How about erecting a statue of an actual officer that gave his life protecting the peace? Or, a firefighter that perished while battling a blaze? How about a real individual that actually did some good within the city? ... Somebody other than... RoboCop. Come on people!”

But a blogger on /Film disagrees.

“I for one actually think it’s a great idea. Erecting a Robocop statue in the city would instantly create a new tourism opportunity, and bring a sense of pride back to the city.”

...and a blogger for Forever Geek showed his disappointment... pointing a digital finger at a very different city with a very different statue.

“RoboCop, one of the sweetest films of my generation, will not be honored with a statue by Detroit in the same way as another film, the meh-inducing Rocky, has been by Philadelphia.”

So-- Robo-GO or Robo-NO? Tell us in our comments section.

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