Now Hosting MW2 10th Lobbys


Uploaded on February 15, 2011 by SalasJonathan2189

I finally have my jtag and i am now hosting 10th prestiege lobbys with all challenges, guns, camos, attachments, titles, emblems, colored classes, and leaderboard hacks. I am legit and i will not scam anybody! The cost for a system link lobby is $10 through paypal (with a system link i do have to recover your account). The cost for an online lobby is $20 through pay pal (if you want your friends in the lobby then it will be $35 for up too 5 friends). I also do infections but as of 7/12/10 there was a mw2 update that patched most of the infections so once the new codeing has been released i will give infections too. If you have any questions please feel free to message me either on youtube or xbx live.

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