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Uploaded on February 15, 2011 by audioimagery
So this song is probably exactly what the title says it is... HYPE AS A MOTHER. I really don't know what else to say. Just crank the hell out of this song. What more can you want? It has a sing-along chorus, drumline energy, a huge horn section, rap, auto-tune and a monster bridge. Its like it was made as a football anthem. Well it kinda was. Again is hosting a competition for the best football anthem. I had already made a track last year with a drum line and just couldn't help myself.

With the venom, we get in em like heart attacks
See we winning, yall slipping right off the map
Who me? Full speed they’ll Bones will crack
Fending, steaming meaning no Holding back
Yall Get sacked, get jacked for you change, man,
You won’t ever get your Quarterback
You heard right, yeah these Boys is bad
yall stepped into hell, no going back
All energy, no doze
Me Godzilla, you Todo
This is my house, go home
Your fans are all like Oh no
no no, we ain’t never scared
been look for some competition but it ain’t ever there

Yall talk a lot of trash go head a run your mouth
We can do this all day, Your Time is running out
Now get your hands up, Now get your hands up
Got the crowd like Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Yall Not ready (2x)
Yall Not ready for me
Oh yea we comin' Lets Go (3x)

Yall itty bitty babies, I’m o hell of mammoth all yall can hate me
Panorama, I’m like Bruce Banner, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry
Step into the dungeon – on on on
We coming for you, you better run run
Living on a prayer go go get a nun nun
When our engines go vromm vromm
like Ducati when we go and hit the body (ooo)
looking froggy so dogg Whatcha you wanna do
We so loud you’ll go deaf so I use the auto tune
Cause I ain’t stopping now
Look we stuntin’ now
Let’s shut this place down

I dunno what you heard
But you don’t stand a chance nearly
It's quite absurd
The game is in our hands really
Cause I know that you

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