Qingdao Churches - Great Attractions (Qingdao, China) [HD]


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Take a tour of Qingdao Churches in Qingdao, China – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

Though China is a country with few Christians and fewer churches, the city of Qingdao is home to several Chinese Christian churches.

The first is the Qingdao Protestant Church, a beautiful stone-adorned structure that is now over a century old.

The interior of the church is a brilliant white and gold, and the bell tower is open to visitors.

Qindao's second church is the Qingdao Catholic Church, formerly known as the Saint Emil Church.

The Catholic Church is located on top of one of Qindao's hills and is one of the most prominent buildings in the area.

The church's twin towers and its central rose window are fashioned after the great European cathedrals.

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