Test Drive Unlimited 2 Performance Mod


Uploaded on February 15, 2011 by DoyleSnell6361

This is and Undetectable Test Drive Unlimited 2 Online Performance Hack for Single and Online Multi Player.

** Undetectable Online **

Hack List:

1. Always 1 Lap Race
2. Instant $999,999,999
3. Instant 100% treasure hunt discovery
4. Instant 100% road discovery
5. Engine Power Booster
6. Super Acceleration
7. Super Brakes
9. Race with Any Cars.
10. Disconnect other players (Good against Anti Cheaters)
11. No Wait Plastic Surgery (instant surgery)
12. No Car Damage
13. No Dirt on Car
14. Always Shiny Car
15. Always Unwanted by Cops
16. No Penalty During Race or Free Roam.
17. Detects Admins
18. Instant Win (Always Win)

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