MeeGo Tablet User Experience Detailed Walk Through [HD]


Uploaded on February 17, 2011 by minipcpro Nokia might be walking away from QT and MeeGo but its clear that MeeGo is not going anywhere. Just because Nokia thought twice it doesn't mean that the train still isn't moving ahead a full speed.

MeeGo early version 2.1 was being shown on the Pegatron 11.6 tablet which we've seen before on with the ExoPC and the WeTab. Quickly if you're not familiar its running the Intel Atom N450, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, a 32GB or 64GB SSD and a multitouch screen that isn't currently supported. No on ever said that building a cross platform OS would be easy, Intel has definitely lined up its share of adversity this week. But hardware wise for all of these software pitfalls I do however wish that they’d shown MeeGo off on at least the Oaktrail.

Getting back to the MeeGo Tablet User Experience or the MeeGo tablet UX its based in QML. If you're unfamiliar with this QML it is also known as QT, which is a definitive programming language, which allows for great flexibility. If you remember back to Computex when we first saw the tablet UI, it has a similar look and feel but now the backend has been completely built out.

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