Stepmania Gorillaz 19-2000 - TIGERM (ALL Levels)

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*******www.tigerm**** *******DanceDanceTigerm**** BPM 90 Length 1m 46s Foot Levels 3 / 5 / 8 / 9 Stepchart ...
*******www.tigerm**** *******DanceDanceTigerm**** BPM 90 Length 1m 46s Foot Levels 3 / 5 / 8 / 9 Stepchart Download Link: *******www.tigerm**** Audio Edit, Background Design & Stepchart by TIGER M Dancer / Player: TIGER M Year Stepchart Created: 2003 Year Video Recorded: 2010 Song Name: 19-2000 Song Artist: Gorillaz Song Album [Compact Disc]: Gorillaz (2000) Stepmania Version: 3.9beta What Is It Time For: a "Dance! Dance! Revolution!! ^_^ An Introduction ---------------- Between the ages of 16 and 17 I was introduced to the game "Dance Dance Revolution" by my younger brother and sister. My bro and sis had purchased it for our-then-new Sony Playstation and Would not rest until I tried it. So I did. =) The Year Was: 2000! My fam and I were on an "8-Bit" Nintendo/Sega diet 'til 2000. Wouldn't trade those days for a-million-bucks! =D Learning Dance Dance Revolution was a completely new experience to me. Using the "D-pad" and buttons I was accustomed to "Street Fighting" with-- I had found a new hobby. (Hey! Beats becoming a coke head or getting some girl knocked up at my age at the time! [17]) Four months later, an in-door shopping Mall located downtown called the "Milluneium Mall attracted the attention of my younger sister and brother For one reason and one reason only: Pump It Up! The Korean dance-game sensation was their practice grounds to play the game we each thought of as "The New Dance Game!" Later, I was shown why the Millinium Mall had become their new favorite hangout. Basically an indoor flea market full of tables owned by people mostly from Far East Asia--there was a humble yet exciting vibe throughout the large complex. Once I was brought there, I was introduced to the "Machine of The Hour:" "Pump It Up!" To be honest... I was not so sure about stepping on that thing. But I did. Six months later, the local arcade in Albany Georgia, then called Namco's Time Out, ironcally got the dance-game sensation from Konami known as: "Dance Dance Revolution!" It became official. In front of a small crowd of passerbys, "Mall Rats," Time Out Arcade Employees, my brother and my sister and even to my own surprise.... I became able to do "Heavy Mode" on Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix! =D My first Heavy song was the 7 Foot "Abyss!" Shortly after learning much--but certainly not all... Came the Beginning of TIGER M Stepcharts. And this year, I wish to begin sharing my passion with You. Please Enjoy and Happy Holidays. ^_^ Forever In Love With All That Which Exists (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown), -DJ, TIGER M [Tuesday] -8:07 PM (11/10/2010) [EST, USA] Who Is TIGER M? O.O *******www.tigerm****