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Real YOGA and MEDITATION Siddha Yoga Patanjali Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Kundalini Yoga Sahaja Yoga Maha Yoga Method of YOGA and MEDITATION for Holistic Healing, Spiritual Evolution, Health, Fitness, Inner Peace, Universal Wellness, and finally to Bring Heaven on Earth by "Divine Transformation of Mankind" to Attain a "Divine Bodily Form, or The "Next Evolutionary Development" in Human Body, or We may call it as Manifestation of Supermind in Superman.

The Real Yoga based on Ancient Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy of Maharish Patanjali, Patanjali Yog Sutras, has nothing to do with the Prevailing form of Yoga.
Prevailing form of Yoga is Limited to a mere Physical and Mental Exercise aimed at Curing Diseases.
The Real Yoga means Union of Soul with God or Universal Consciousness Force.
The Real Yoga involes Chanting of a Mantra Received from a Empowered, Enlightened Guru.
In Real Yoga, the Practitioner is not required to perform any Yoga.
His Body undergoes different Involuntary Yogic kriyas, mudras, aasanas and pranayam, depending upon his bodys requriment.
This Automatic Yoga is Induced and Controled by the Awakened Innes Power ‘KUNDALINI’, under the full and final control of the Guru.
This Kundalini is Awakened by the Guru through Transmission of Power using MANTRA.
It is the VIBRATIONS of the VOICE coming from A Enlightened Empowered Guru that produces the Result.
Guru Ram Lalji Siyag, popularly known as Guru Siyag is the Spiritual master from India,Who Has made it possible to Practically differentiate between the Real and the Artificial YOGA and MEDITATION methods.
Every Curious Human being of the World Can Now get the benefits of Real Yoga and Meditation, Sitting at Home, in any corner of the World.

Guru Siyag Siddha Yoga Online Initiation by Guru Siyag Mantra Video.
Now Anyone Can benefits of Guru Siyag Siddha Yoga Method of Meditation and Yoga for Spiritual Evolution and Holistic Healing -A Practical Method of "Living A Worthy Life" full of Inner Peace and everlasting "Aananda" or Joy, resulting in all round development of Human Being, finally aiming at the "Next Evolutionary Development" in Humans.
You Can get it right now, sitting at Your Home, from any corner of the World, totally free of Charge, using this VIDEO CLIP.
All You have to do is to carefully watch this Video clip to receive this divine knowledge from Guru Siyag, and after receiving the Transmission of Energy from Guru Siyag, through the VIBRATIONS of Guru Siyag's Voice contained in this Video clip, through the "MANTRA" -"Kling Kreeshn Kling", pronounced by Guru Siyag, in this Video Clip.(This Mantra Works Only if heard in Guru Siyag's Voice, from Video, mp3 or personally).
After receiving this Mantra You Have to follow the Method of Meditation as follows -

Method of Meditation - How to Meditate - World's Best Meditation Technique Learn Free.

Sit in a comfortable position.

You can sit cross-legged on the floor, lie down, sit on a chair / couch etc., to meditate.

Look at Guru Siyag's picture for a minute or two until you remember the image.

Then close your eyes and say silently to Guru Siyag, "Help me meditate for 15 minutes." You can choose a time-limit according to your convenience, for eg., 5 / 10 /12 /... minutes.

Then, with your eyes still closed, think of Guru Siyag's image at the place between your eyebrows (also known as the third eye). This means that you have to try to imagine Guru Siyag's picture in your mind.

While thinking of the image, repeat silently (Chant) for 15 minutes the mantra given by Guru Siyag.

During meditation, you may experience certain automatic yogic postures or movement of your limbs. Swaying, nodding of head, rapid movement of head from left-to-right or vice versa, inflating or deflating of belly, clapping, grunting, moaning or laughing can happen in many cases.

Do not panic or worry.

These actions, happen involuntarily, are ordained by divine force, and they are needed for your internal cleansing and readying you for further progress.

You may also experience

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