The Jace Hall Show - Season 4 Ep. 16 [HD]

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Uploaded on February 28, 2011 by JaceHallShow

Donald Faison (Scrubs) and Jace discuss the best biblical ally to have in a fight, while Donald tries to pitch his newest show idea, he only needs a few bucks. Speaking of money, Jace wants in on Gaikai, the newest business model from legendary developer Dave Perry (Earthworm Jim, MDK) that is set to change the way we play games online.

We also check in with id Software to get a more in depth look at their first new IP in over 10 years, RAGE. The makers of Quake and Doom give us a history of how they paved the way for the FPS genre, and how they plan to change it even more in the future.

All this and more, including MMA Superstar, Cung Le finishing the fight and what happened to the 50 bucks Donald Faison owed Jace?

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