Saif Gaddafi Arming Militias


Uploaded on February 28, 2011 by libyanewmedia

Saif Gaddafi, who wants to portray himself as a democratic reformer, is seen arming civilians & inciting them to attack opponents.


Saif: guys, guys, listen, listen We need high spirits
Saif: Listen, listen brothers, the people have said the police force have joined the protesters, but today we will prove the opposite
Saif: Do you need weapons?!
Saif: One minute please, you will receive all the support, all the facilities and weapons etc. Everything will be okay, and you will be victorious.
Saif: ‘Today we’re not inviting you for rice & meat’ This is what I want to tell you today.’
Saif: listen, listen, this is your country … now we shall leave, and you have all the backing. But your country [unknown word] Italians. The protesters you confront are nothing; they are bums, brats and druggies. Today brothers, Tripoli that you live in, will be cleared (of protesters).
Saif: I shall leave now, and I will send you weapons. Tonight I will return with more people and weapons.

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