Turkey Hunting Show 3 of 16


Uploaded on February 28, 2011 by Taggin Out Hunting

Show 3 of 16
This show comes directly off of our video “Fillin Tags and Reachin Limits” Here I am down in South Texas with good buddy of ours Mr. Chris Ducote. The footage will absolutely blow your mind and this is one hunt you won’t want to miss!

Taggin Out Hunting is proud to announce our “Spring Fling.” Over the next 16 weeks we will be uploading a new video every week! It will include 15 of the most incredible turkey hunts you have ever seen and some spectacular steelhead fishing as well. There will be youth hunts, women hunts, first timers, bow and gun hunts, and more covering 4 states from one end of the border to the other. You will see realism that money can’t buy! We want to hear the good and the bad go to our website at www.TagginOutHunting.com and tell us your thoughts. While you are there please pick up a copy of our dvd “Fillin Tags and Reachin Limits” for only $5.99 to help support our efforts!

Team Eaton

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