Newsy Week in Review: Feb. 21-26

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BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN PRODUCED BY ADAM FALK You're watching multisource video news analysis from Newsy I...
BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN PRODUCED BY ADAM FALK You're watching multisource video news analysis from Newsy In case you missed it, or want to relive it -- this is your Newsy Week in Review. MONDAY, FEB. 21/ALEX ROZIER, NEWSY: “...4 Americans were taken hostage off the coast of Oman.” And then... just a day later: TUESDAY, FEB. 22/MEGAN MURPHY, NEWSY: “Somali pirates fatally shot four American hostages after hijacking their yacht, the Quest, off the coast of Oman.” And while the families of those hostages suffer through their worst nightmare - New Zealand saw its darkest hour this week. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 23/JIM FLINK, NEWSY: “The third tragedy to strike Christchurch in nearly as many months, has the South Island of New Zealand reeling.” Also this week -- the ins... WEDNESDAY, FEB. 23/MEGAN MURPHY, NEWSY: “After a long and controversial candidacy, former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel easily captured the mayor’s office of Chicago...” ...still outs... MONDAY, FEB. 21/CHRISTINA HARTMAN, NEWSY: “Still at large - 14 Democratic state lawmakers who fled the state last week in protest over Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.” And -- still not going anywheres... TUESDAY, FEB. 22/ANA COMPAIN-ROMERO, NEWSY: “Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi went on state television on Tuesday to announce he has no intention to of resigning. Even more, he would rather die as a martyr.” After what international press deemed a week of brutal crackdowns on protesters -- Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi pledged Friday to double salaries for some government workers -- and offered a $400 bonus to every Libyan family. But he’s not the only embattled leader this week hoping that money talks. THURSDAY, FEB. 24/MEGAN MURPHY, NEWSY: “Saudi King Abdullah returned to the nation after being out on medical leave- bringing back $36 billion in gifts for the people. The money will go toward worker pay raises, unemployment benefits, and affordable housing.” Money might talk -- but in the U.S. -- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas didn’t -- again this week -- passing a quiet milestone. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 23/CHRISTINA HARTMAN, NEWSY: “It’s been five years since the H.W. Bush-appointee has spoken during oral arguments before the Court. ... To put that in perspective, no other justice on the High Court has gone without speaking for longer than a year -- much less FIVE -- in the last 40 years!” But with developments in tech this week - who needs humans? It was rage against the machine. There was the amazing: MONDAY, FEB. 21/ANA COMPAIN-ROMERO: “The goal? Fully autonomous cars that can easily interact with their human passengers.” ...the potentially annoying... MONDAY, FEB. 21/CHANCE SEALES: “Your phone’s ringing. It could be your mom, dad, or your pill bottle? Well that could be the case if you choose to buy the world’s first Internet-connected medication packaging.” ...and the downright creepy. TUESDAY, FEB. 22/CYREIA SANDLIN, NEWSY: “Call it a twist on the classic game of pick-ups. ... A new Facebook app can notify you when that crush you’ve been stalking, I mean, following, is at long last, single.” Speaking of breakups - a new study suggests cutting off your relationship with meat. Your rebound partner? WEDNESDAY, FEB. 23/ALEX ROZIER, NEWSY: “Insects - they’re what’s for dinner - High in protein and low in fat, insects are what some are calling the meat of the future.” And finally - Newsy’s most commented story of the week. TUESDAY, FEB. 22/JENNY MECKLES, NEWSY: “Irresponsible. Cowardly. Honorable. Smart. That about summarizes the mixed reaction to the decision of 14 Democratic senators from Wisconsin who fled the state in protest of the governor’s Budget Repair Bill.” That’s your Newsy Week in Review. Thanks for getting all your multi-source video news analysis from us. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy