Best Picture: Oscars According to Kids

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BY JENNIFER MECKLES Your'e watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. For all y...
BY JENNIFER MECKLES Your'e watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. For all you movie buffs out there -- what is the only thing better than watching the Oscars? How about watching adorable kids re-enact the nominees? THE KING'S SPEECH: (AOL) “Repeat after me. She sells...” “Shshshshshe sells” “She sells” “Shhhhshhhsh” “You’ll never be a good king in time for World War II!” AOL's series “The Kids Act Out” created a parody for five of the Best Picture nominations. These pint-sized actors playing out Oscar roles have gone viral. BLACK SWAN: (AOL) “I think I’m going crazy!” A writer for TIME really liked the Social Network parody, saying these characters best fit their role: “Unlike the original movie, where adults act like children, AOL's version... features children acting like adults acting like children... This video is serious proof that kids just make everything better.” SOCIAL NETWORK: (AOL) “Mark, we were best friends!” “Were!” “Admit it!” “You stole it!" “I disagree!” “Pay us!” “Facebook changed the world!” “We were best friends!” “Great snappy dialogue.” The best part of that video? Mashable says its all in the delivery: “...[Social Network’s] Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue is given a whole new dimension when uttered by a cast of folks who haven’t quite nailed the intricacies of enunciation yet.” And about that enunciation -- see how well the Fighter kids nail the Boston accent: THE FIGHTER (AOL) “One day you will be like your big brother.” “Dickey, get away from him!" “Stay outta this Charlene!” “You-ah noo-aat family!” [Unintelligible Boston Accents] “Stop, I just want to fight!” The Washington Post reaches out to the Academy -- urging it to consider the clips before making the big decision: “Academy voters: Do not -- I repeat, do not -- decide which film deserves the Oscar for Best Picture until you watch the videos... Because you haven't fully processed the meaning behind the nominated films until you've seen them summarized in clips... that star little kids.” … Like in this parody of 127 hours, where a mini James Franco sums up the whole movie in just one line: 127 HOURSE: (AOL) "This is gonna be gross.” Creative Loafing said: “Smilestimes for at least a week.” And MovieFone is just happy to have a viral video that doesn’t drive us all crazy. “This adorable Internet trend is one we hope never fades out.... If you ask us, these super-cute little ones give tremendous, maybe even Oscar-worthy, performances.” Finally, the Weekend Today hosts just couldn’t get enough of the cuties: MELISSA FRANCIS: "I can’t wait to see those two do the Black Swan, right? Jenna, I like that move, right?” JENNA WOLF: “‘Oh no!’ -- That was great acting, right? Not overacting at all! That is so cute, sooo cute. ‘You are my best friend.' So adorable!” We want to hear your Oscar predictions -- kiddie version or real -- weigh in, in the comments section. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos Get more multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.