Combat Arms Hacks March 2011


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Perfect Aimbot - Never miss a shot again
Instant Reload - Gun is fully reloaded all the time
Body Aim - Aim at Head, Chest or Nuts
Aim Speed - Adjust the speed at which you aim
Aim Key - Set the aimbot to only activate by a key
Aim FOV - Set the field of view of the aimbot
Targeting Mode - Aim at the closest target by distance
Bone Scan - Allows the aimbot to scan an enemy for a visible body part
Stick to target - Allows you to track an enemy behind walls and obstacles
Auto Switch Targets - Automatically targets a new enemy when possible

Name ESP - Show player names
Distance ESP - Show player distance
Bounding Box - Draws a box around players
Customizable Boxes - Change the width, and thickness of bounding boxes
Fade Name tags - Fade distant name tags to prevent screen clutter
Visible Chams - Changes colors when a player is visible
Adjustable Nade Sphere - Show a sphere around explosives, adjust the size yourself

Wallhack - Draw players through walls
Chams - Player changes color when visible or behind a wall

No Spread - Remove your weapon spread
No Fog - All fog removed from the maps
OPK - Move all the enemies to your current position
Ghost/Fly - Allows you to fly through any wall, object, etc. ingame
Tele-Kill - Teleport to any enemy and follow them or kill them instantly
Show FPS - Displays the current frames per second on screen
Show Time - Displays the current time on screen

Ingame Menu - Edit all your settings on the fly
Config Tool - Custom tool allowing you to edit your binds and colors
Undetected - 100% undetected by HackShield
Loader Based - Full custom loader that auto-updates

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