How Match Point Careers Matches People and Jobs

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When I was small, my father would search for jobs in the classic way. He’d Open the paper and he’d circle i...
When I was small, my father would search for jobs in the classic way. He’d Open the paper and he’d circle in red the job add, and would get out the typewriter and type away a letter and get a stamp and an envelope and send it. Well employers didn’t get a lot of job applicants that way, its too much work. Now all you have to do is click click, upload the cover letter off, yeah lets do the next one please. So the volume is enormous and that poses a problem to getting the right people in the right job. If you are looking for job and you post your resume or you apply to a job that’s posted on a job board. You will need to realize that you will be on an average 1 of 1,400 applicants to that job just through that channel. Today it’s often observed that companies tend to hire on skill and fire unfit. This is Perhaps a legacy of a long period of time when skill was all we knew about a candidate. What do you know how to do? What did you know how to do? But in fact in the last several decades, we’ve learned through extensive research and investigation in all kinds of companies. We’ve learned what are the factors that predict performance. When an employer hires somebody, they are making a prediction.. This person will perform in the job , this person will be successful and satisfied and rewarded. And that prediction can be measured. We actually know what the factors are that predict performance in a job: competences, preferences, and capabilities. We use Psycho metric assessment to determine the factors that really matter most for performance in a job. These tests are highly reliable. they are also highly verified so that we know that when the results are given in that test that they are indeed the things that matter for performance in the job. Focusing on those guarantees effectively that the quality of hire will go up for employers, they will have people who match more precisely with the exact requirements and predictive of performance for the job. We can have people in jobs where they are high performing, where they are satisfied and rewarded. Visit our site *******www.matchpointcareers****/