Christianity, Islam is Not Your Eneny.

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Reading an article on the demise of Christianity in the UK, based on the refusal of a judge for a Christian...
Reading an article on the demise of Christianity in the UK, based on the refusal of a judge for a Christian couple to adopt I did as I usually do and had a look at the comments. As usual if there can be found any excuse in the Western Mainstream press the thing quickly turned into a Muslim bashing exercise. Islamophobia at least is alive and strong in the UK. I'd suggest one of the reasons Christianity is indeed suffering from a severe crises is its degeneration into a lackey for Zionism and the parochial and narrow world view of so many of the people ostensibly identified as Christians. Islam may be coming out of backward and less evolved cultures but it is showing itself better able to maintain itself in the face of the cultural war of destruction being waged in the name of a new, Zionist dominated world order. Yes I do usually bring Zionism into it, and only a clown would suggest it isn't relevant. It is not a religion but a powerful political cult after all. With a virtual lock hold on our Western democracies via their lobbies and media control and not to forget the banking and finance industry so top heavy with the tribe, it is in everything so much you don't see the forest for the trees. This is nothing to do with Judaism and I suggest the usual racists don't try to make it so, Zionism is a secular beast and merely uses Jews and Christians in its ends, but it targets Islam and Christianity in an attempt to bring about a clash of civilisations which they expect to be in charge of. Part of the process involves an attack on religion which itself helps make the followers defensive and reactionary, and with all the special laws and conditions granted to Judaism, they really are not subjecting their own core to the same pressures at all although they usually are at pains to pretend they are. I think people would do well to stop buying the notion their problems (and we do have problems people) are caused by a bunch of people with a different belief system and look closer to the controlling end of things. Those who rule with money, threats and intimidation. Nothing happens by chance and nor is there any great Muslim conspiracy to take over the West. That is horse crap. You will find language about dominating the earth by all religions; they all tend to see themselves as the final answer after all. In a multicultural world however, which is their plan, you will start to see more people of different faiths and cultures more and more. You are meant to react to it, divide and conquer of course, but it is not your new neighbours to blame. How pathetic to see Australians for example who whine about boat people. Invariably those people hail from countries our military is in the throes of helping to turn to a wasteland for life. If you stop making their homes uninhabitable, they won't want to come and live in yours. Is that so hard to understand? However Islam is not spread by force and it just happens to be the fastest growing religion on earth for reasons of its own. On its way to finding its true place on the world stage a role that with about one quarter of the world's population is not too much to expect, Islam will of necessity and nature evolve somewhat and become less prohibitive but Inshallah it will retain its essential traditional elements of family, piety and charity which are all things opposing to the NWO envisioned by our self appointed masters.