Gaga Gives Birth in New Video


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The video for Lady Gaga’s new single “Born This Way” has finally arrived -- and true to form, reactions range from awe to confusion.
She calls it the “Manifesto of Mother Monster.” The 7-minute video features a unicorn,
zombie boy, dance sequences, and - oh yea, Gaga giving birth to a new race.

NY Daily News sums up the video’s premise for the uninitiated.

“Basically, ‘Born’ amounts to Gaga's take on Good vs. Evil, with the former positioned as acceptance and the latter as exclusivity, and/or general meanness. As a message, that's awfully safe stuff by today's standards. Everyone to the left of Sarah Palin would have no problem with it.”

Showbiz Tonight anchor AJ Hammer is definitely a fan of Gaga’s saga.

AJ HAMMER: “I love it. I gotta tell you, there was a time in my life, working with music videos and talking about them was all I did -- I wish there was something this exciting. I mean, this is an extraordinary piece of work.”

BROOKE ANDERSON: “Do you like the message or the art?”

AJ HAMMER: “I love it all, and I would expect nothing less from Gaga.”

But not everyone is so impressed. Comparing the Mother Monster to fellow popstar Britney Spears, a blogger for The Washington Post says quote- “Gaga is trying way too hard.”

“Say what you will about Britney, she would never film a video that included shots of a two-headed, albumen-covered Baby Britney emerging from her own uterus while a voiceover discussed the mitosis of the universe.”

Two-headed babies? Mitosis of the Universe? A writer for The Atlantic calls the video “epic” and offers some clarification.

“‘Born This Way’ is really a showcase for two things: Lady Gaga's improving skills as a dancer, and an acknowledgment of her wildly successful juxtaposition of nominal freakiness with mainstream dance-pop music.”

Monday’s video debut is just the first of two installments the popstar plans to release for ‘Born This Way.’ The release date for part two is currently unknown.

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