The Great Escape Of Gorilla Bokito

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Uploaded on May 26, 2007 by wilhelmus

On the 18th of may 2007 a big Gorilla called Bokito escaped from his home in the Zoo in Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

The 180kg gorilla escaped from its enclosure and ran amok in a Rotterdam zoo today, biting one woman, dragging her around, and causing scenes of panic among dozens of families before being subdued, zoo officials said.

The Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo was evacuated and the 11-year old gorilla, named Bokito, was eventually barricaded inside a restaurant, The Rotterdam police said: "at least two people were injured in the incident."

The Zoo spokeswoman said Bokito was shot with a sedative dart and recaptured. It was not immediately clear how the black-backed male managed to climb the high stone walls surrounding his enclosure.

"He got over the moat, which in itself is remarkable because gorillas can't swim," told the Zoo director to reporters. "He got onto a path for visitors and started running and went at full speed through tables and diners at the Oranje restaurant."

The director said four people were injured, including one woman with a bite wound, as the gorilla dashed through the zoo and restaurant, Dutch radio reported.

In the week after the escape Bokito became famous and the woman is still in the hospital.

This is a compilation of the events that happened.

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