Teaching Demonstrations for Beginning Chinese


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This set of four instructional DVDs has been designed to help teachers effectively and confidently teach Chinese as a foreign language to beginning-level students. With a primary focus on the teaching of grammar, this set includes 17 basic grammar points taught in Integrated Chinese, Level 1. Nyan-Ping Bi, Lecturer of Chinese at the University of Washington and co-author of the Integrated Chinese series, demonstrates how to teach grammar while integrating communicative methods and topics. The 22 lessons also include demonstrations of how to teach Chinese pronunciation, vocabulary, characters, and texts (such as dialogues and essays). The final lesson is a complete 40-minute class session. Although based on the lessons from Integrated Chinese, this set of DVDs is ideal training for teachers of any beginning-Chinese course who seek to raise their level of teaching.

All classroom demonstrations are conducted primarily in Chinese. Where English is used to explain difficult grammar points to students, Chinese character captions are provided. Instructional tips are also provided via Chinese character captions. Includes user's guide, teaching evaluation form, and student evaluation form.

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