Susie Heath Talking About The Naked Divorce


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Susie Heath, author of The Essence of Womanhood talks about the Naked Divorce Coach's new product called Finding the Source of your Divorce and sharing her experience of using the product.

It takes a lot of energy to keep emotions repressed and buried. If you keep emotions buried for a long period of time, it can lead to illness and an accelerated ageing process. Buried emotions create fatigue and depression. Emotions repressed for the long-term can cause serious illness including cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and many other major health problems. Repressed emotions can rest in your body creating fatigue, a sense of vulnerability, and low self-confidence.

Finding the source of your divorce will free up those negative emotions from your body. You will experience freedom, peace and energy.

The Naked Divorce's Finding the Source of your Divorce program can assist you in finding the root cause of your divorce so you may experience freedom once again.

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