Lower Eyelid Surgery – The Eyes Have It!


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Lower Eyelid Surgery – The Eyes Have It!

Lower Eyelid Surgery – Although we don’t take much notice of them, our eyes are the one feature of our faces that stands out the most. People notice your eyes first. They are an important part of our identities. Through them we see the world and share a part of our own worlds with others. Our eyes are the windows to the outside world as well as windows to our souls. Our eyelids add great quality to our eyes. They not only protect our eyes but also add to the cosmetic appearance of our eyes.

The concept of reconstructive lower eyelid surgery is new to many people.
It is not often that you would hear of someone you knew needing or going in for a Lower Eyelid Surgery appointment. However, the need for this type of surgery is rising. Lower eyelid surgery would be required in cases of Thyroid eye disease, which affects the muscles of the eye causing them to enlarge and open the eyelids to wide; cases of eyelid retraction where the eyelids open too wide causing a dry stare; ectropion conditions where the lower eyelid bulges too far out and ceases to touch the eye resulting in dryness of the eyes and trauma to the eyes.

If you are affected by any of the above mentioned conditions or suspect that you may be in need of reconstructive lower eyelid surgery, visit the Ophthalmic Facial Surgery Institute for a consultation with Dr. Sam Goldberger. Dr. Goldberger specializes in Ophthalmic Facial surgery. Having been in practice since 1991 and having performed over ten thousand ophthalmic procedures, there is no doubt that you will be in the best hands. The good doctor has even gained international fame and is a consulting surgeon for other physicians around the world. He has assisted in various complex Ophthalmic and Facial surgeries in this capacity.

Lower Eyelid Surgery – Ophthalmic And Facial Plastic Surgery Institute
At the Ophthalmic and Facial Plastic Surgery Institute, lower eyelid surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. Surgeries normally involve the removal of fatty, muscular or skin tissue depending on the cause of the problem. Surgery may involve the making of incisions on the inner part of the lower eyelid or in the natural folds of the eyelid to reduce the appearance of scars. In some cases procedures to lift or tighten the lower eyelid may be carried out.

Dr. Goldberger is assisted by a highly qualified and experienced staff. Your lower eyelid surgery will take place in state of the art facilities and you will receive compassionate as well as professional care from the surgical team. For more lower eyelid surgery info visit NewEyelids.com.

For more information, visit Lower Eyelid Surgery.

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