Knowing What Fungal Nails is All About


Uploaded on March 11, 2011 by willmsith3211 I think all of us have experienced a broken nail and some of us may have experienced injuring it. Compared to one kind of nail problem, these are just simple everyday nail problems. Fungal nails infection can also haunt you if you do not take care of your fingernails well. It was estimated that 30 million people currently has this type of fingernail infection. The fungus grows well in moist, dark and warm environments. A symptom that can tell you if you have been infected by this fungus is that your fingernails start to be brittle and discolor to either yellowish or brownish. This fungus dwells in the spaces in between the nail and the nail base, though there is a protein covering called keratin between these spaces. The fungus destroys this protein making your nail look discolored and make your nail brittle. Causes One cause of being infected by this type of fungus is poor hand hygiene.

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