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In U.S. news — President Barack Obama has ordered military trials in Guantánamo Bay to resume.

The Hill says the move signifies a defeat for Mr. Obama, who initially promised to close the terrorist detention facility within a year after his inauguration.

The President banned military trials in Guantánamo shortly after taking office, hoping to hold trials in federal courts instead. But Congressional leaders refused to allow the detainees in any of their districts. BBC reports Mr. Obama remains says he is committed to eventually closing Guantánamo.

In world news — some Arab media sources say Muammar Gaddafi is secretly trying to negotiate an exit plan. France 24 has this video.

“Sorry for the pronunciation of this newspaper, based in London — Asharq Al Awsat — it interviewed sources in Benghazi, the opposition stronghold, and according to them Gaddafi sent a negotiator to the international council yesterday. And he says he’s ready to step down if he’s guarantee that he and his family are safe, and guarantee that he will not be pursued at home OR abroad...”

Gaddafi launched another air strike early today — this time, on a strategic oil town of Ras Lanuf.

In U.S. news -- Texas lawmakers have approved a controversial piece of legislation in that state’s abortion protocol. The new state law requires every mother to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion -- and must listen to that screening as well before going through with the operation.

CNN reports, after the ultrasound, there’s a mandatory two hour waiting period before the woman can make her decision about whether to proceed. In cases of rape, women are granted the choice to opt out of the whole process. A rally against the bill is already planned for today, but Governor Rick Perry will have the final say on its approval. On CNN, he praised lawmakers for their vote.

Planned Parenthood of Texas says quote, "This is a defining moment in reproductive rights, not just in Texas, but across the nation.”

In entertainment -- a representative for Phil Colins is doing his best to snuff out rumors he is close to retiring from music.
People says Collins is only -- taking a break from performing. Last fall Collins went under the knife to fix nerve damage in his hands -- the result from years of drumming and touring. His reps say the temporary time off is just to recuperate.

Collins lives in Switzerland where he’s spending more time at home with his kids. He admitted to People, “That's really what I want to do and take some real serious time off."

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