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Uploaded on March 15, 2011 by Jackson Andrew

www.teethwhiteningcost101.org How much will teeth whitening cost? This is often the question of those who wants to try teeth whitening procedure but needs to know if it covers within their budget. This is for the fact that cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening is not covered by insurance companies and that they have to get the money out of their own pocket. Research showed that the standard fee for teeth whitening is $500 in most cases though it is greatly affected by some factors that increase the amount. One factor that has a great impact on teeth whitening cost is the whitening method you choose to use then whether you want it done by professionals or you just do it by yourself. Teeth whitening done by dental experts like britesmile or zoom is approximately $600 to $1500. www.teethwhiteningcost101.org

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