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It's safe to say that you may be under the impression that if you email your list too much, your prospects and customers will unsubscribe. Well, to an extent, that is true in affiliate marketing. If you do nothing but email promotional messages on a daily basis and never provide any kind of useful content, yes, people will leave in their masses.

And as a result your list will become of little or no financial value to you.

But, that can equally also happen in another way.

If you DO NOT mail your list on a consistent basis, then folks are less likely to respond to your mailings as well.

Here's how it generally works: someone joins your list. You send them a "thank you." email. You don't mail them again for a month. They forgot they joined your list and as a result scream "SPAM". Next they unsubscribe and effectively you have wasted your time and efforts in getting them onto the list.

Of course this doesn't happen with everyone but this kind of thing does happen every single day.

While you don't want to overwhelm your subscribers with emails all the time (even if it's good stuff, as there's only so much they can absorb in one week), you do want to make certain you train them to expect email from you on a regular basis.

I would maintain you should be mailing your list at least once every two weeks

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