Affiliate Marketing Tips - Test Your Offers Before Roll Out

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Hi my name is Andy Brown from *******www.NewPowerAffiliate**** It makes sense that you will achieve greate...
Hi my name is Andy Brown from *******www.NewPowerAffiliate**** It makes sense that you will achieve greater results from your ads in affiliate marketing if you actually test it on a small scale before you roll out the ad to dozens of different lists. Let's suppose you are ultimately going to promote your solo mailing to 10 different lists, totalling 100,000 subscribers. Instead of shelling out your money and blasting that ad out to all 10 lists, test it first on a smaller scale. Buy some smaller advertising space and test a couple of variations of your ad to see which one pulls the most responses. Look at it this way: If you roll out one ad to all the lists and it gets a 4% click-thru rate, that's fine. But, what if you tested several ads on smaller lists before the roll out and found one that pulls in a 5% click-through rate? It may only seem only 1% difference, but it's the difference between 4,000 click-thrus and 5,000 click-thrus over the entire roll out you have planned. It would be a real shame to miss out on 1,000 click throughs Remember always test your ads on a smaller list before rolling them out to large lists or many lists. Finally I would love to HELP you increase your commissions today by sending you our FREE Affiliate training course, DVD, CD and newsletter in the post within the next 48 hours. This course is suitable for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers alike, as it covers the fundamentals to building your affiliate business to expert techniques and strategies we use in our own marketing each and every day. Please sign up at NewPowerAffiliate**** for your FREE course, DVD, CD and newsletter. Thank you for watching if you would like to watch more videos like this please head over to *******www.NewPowerAffiliate**** or become a fan of our Facebook page at *******www.Facebook****/newpoweraffiliate