Mac Book Pro And IPad2 Line: A Day At Apple Store San Francis...

By: Zennie


Uploaded on March 19, 2011 by Zennie

Mac Book Pro And iPad Line: A Day At Apple Store San Francisco. This started as a visit to check on an iPad 2 for my Mom. As I approached the Apple Store on Stockton in San Francisco's Union Square, I noticed (couldn't miss) a line of people who were sitting on lawn chairs. They were waiting to buy iPad 2 tablet 9 AM the next morning.

While at the Apple Store, I learned from an Apple rep who didn't want their name used that the people first in the line, all elderly and Asian, were buying the iPads for export and "do this regularly." That's the Apple person's statement.

While looking at the iPad 2, I inquired if I could upgrade my MacBook I bought last fall after an emergency. After a good talk, and to my surprise, the Apple Store people helped me. I was able to upgrade my MacBook. That was really great because I was trapped in a situation where I had to buy the 2010 MacBook just before the upgrade. Thanks Apple! You guys rock! Distributed by Tubemogul.

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