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First source you can learn magic trick is by visiting the local library. You can search book of basic magic tricks.

Another source you can find it in the bookstore. Read basic book of magic then learn from it.

After you learn some basic tricks, if you still interested to learn more you can start from great magic textbook.

One of a great magic textbook is Mark wilson's magic complete course in magic. You can find it in the bookstore.

Another book of magic especially in coin, you can learn from Bobo's Modern Coin Magic.

If you interested in card magic you can learn from The Royal Road to Card Magic. You can find it throught bookstore.

Find some advanced tool from magic shop then you can improve your trick. After you become proficient do some magic tricks, DVD can become your good source of learning.

Learn from another magician trick, it can improve your skill. You can also join community to exchange idea or trick and learn from other magician.

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