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Uploaded on March 24, 2011 by New Wedding Planet

Excerpts from New Wedding Planet’s Course Video Tutorial: ‘Wedding Day Make Up for Her and Him’

• Learn details of wedding day make up that are essential to any wedding consultant training for today’s multi-ethnic wedding consultant jobs

• Find out how different kinds of make up are appropriate for both male and female clients on different wedding consultant jobs

• Discover how wedding day photography is enhanced by skilled professional wedding day make up and make up-savvy professional wedding consultant training

• Get specific wedding day make up style, cost, and scheduling tips for successful wedding consultant jobs

• Watch a live demonstration of wedding day make up applied to a celebrity bride by a licensed wedding consultant training make up expert

• Taught by a leading aesthetician with both interior design and wedding consultant training and experience as a teacher

• Just one course tutorial for today’s diverse wedding planning jobs from Silicon Valley’s Certified Wedding-Planner-Consultant-Coordinator Rapid Video Course™

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