SA Ryz Flow

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My frien Dany shared the music with me and i thought of adding a little bit more... coming from 1998 to 201...
My frien Dany shared the music with me and i thought of adding a little bit more... coming from 1998 to 2011 the song has had a long journey... i'd like for you to check out "The Proposal" i need to get my hands dirty and start working... get at me... Lyrics: intro Rich people buying expensive thangs, but if they bought cheap thangs, than those selling expensive thangs would lower their prices, because everyone needs each other... some artist waste money on mansions, jewelry, and expensive clothes, but people need artist that are not in upper class, or lower class, nor middle class, an artist designs the world, everyone is equal... Verse one We are the mass appeal, the master skill doesn't stand still Still meaning bad, S T I Double L feel me when I brag I can flip a word from rad to radicals that will battle you On any mental level, or on any form of gravel We are creation capable in many forms of life Equal to the next that reside at are height Of a mind structure, erect to be broke Then built again, sounds like a joke Then we reach for paradise, and into forever we go It sounds like so much, but it's nothing like you know And that's the point, of not knowning where we go It's in the word mystery it did not come from magic, it came from mist on the road everyone backing me, I can track meet you know run laps around these athletes half of these, are acting, like asses carrying back packing while you walk along, in your designer kicks I fly beside, in my mind to fish Yeah I called myself an ass, I got one and I don't need another Not even one to play with, since every bodies got to play with every single thang I don't get it, I'm creation, without a complexity of forever So an eternity just sounds so much better And I'm readily finished like atrophy, mentally twisted like roger rabbits ACME Dentally gifted intact is growing, feel that and you move to a place that is soaring Verse 2 I'm looking to build, it's no time to sing songs You got to get at me to keep it moving along Cause I'm the type of worker, that would break my frigging back To help another person out, before I help myself But I don't need money, and credits just as bad You can print my face in databases and tell my families past So when I walk in to get supplies, you know who I am And instead of charging me, you can "help me carry it out" Cause you'll have known what I've done, and what I'm doing with now We making moves to change these grooves, into so much smoother track s A Ryz Flow to educate you're not too old to raise your hand I know what's being said is big it's took time just to happen