Live Video Footage from Jack the Picker Coming in April


Uploaded on March 25, 2011 by PickersInc

Great news! Jack the unknown picker now has HIS OWN camera. He will be taking spontaneous videos along his day to day route. Exciting new footage coming the 1st week of April.

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To see the camera Jack bought - Check out this link:

Who are these 2 guys from anyway? Well here is a brief intro:
Jack (the unknown picker):
• Been picking for over 50 years
• A Published Writer (and been on the front page of a newspaper)
• Over 30 years teaching experience
• Is a licensed auctioneer
• Has owned & operated 4 auctions
• Has owned & run 4 thrift/resale shops
• Has worked flea markets, swap meets, and trade shows for 45 years
• Has found some of the most UNUSUAL things in the world
• Status: Retired

Vince (the interviewer)

• Computer Systems/Networking engineer for 22 years
• Been on eBay over 12 years
• Since 2007, Owner of eBay consignment shop Auction Bay Online (
• Over 17,000 eBay feedback with 99.6 positive
• Listed over 25,000 items on eBay
• Status : Working full time in the Auction Bay Online store, part time with Jack.

When the two of these guys get together….look out. They are the dynamic duo, ready to buy/sell just about anything. Experience counts, and that is what these two guys bring to the table at

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