Jailbreak 3.57 PS3 Firmware Free Tutorial Download


Uploaded on March 30, 2011 by LethiaVancura0398

Download it : http://tweez.me/jailbreak
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1. Download This FIle:
2.On a removable USB device, And make a folder Called "PS3" (With out quotations) Then Inside that folder put a folder called "Update" (With out quotations) and Then put the download in step 1, inside the update folder.
3. Plug the Usb into the playstation 3
4. Turn on the system and goto system update via storage media and say yes to the Update
5.Get your usb device and plug it into your ps3, then go back to the PS3 folder, the into The Update folder, and put the download in step 5 inside the folder and overwrite the old file.
6.Plug it into your ps3 then goto update via storage media, then update with 3.57-jb and say yes
7.You jailbroke it :)

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