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Also see http://hearingtheword2.posterous.com/32811-re-an-evening-conversing-with-kenny-rog 3/28/11 GRAMMY MUSEUM DIALOGUE with KENNY ROGERS...Scott goldman moderating..opened w/ video clip from movie gambler....mentions other grammy events ..troubadors..preserv hall band...henry butler..cleveland confidential..kenny chesney..sold out..]

[Intro to Kenny Rogers]..mike dungan..lady..brent maher..dolly parton..mike curb....gerry house..david foster..islands in the stream..greatest duet..heard just dropped in..what condition my condition was in.s..I believ in music ..love ..beatles..100 dates..still..enjoy I more..I'm like a boomerang...u can throw me away but I keep coming back.....doo wap..hi sch..scholars..we were c students..chuck berry..crazy feeling ..american bandstand..claim to fame..dick clark doesn't remember me...ed townsend..ate fake hot fudge..me a kid fr houston..just changed name..can't call self kenneth ray..guy named larry king [not cnn's larry king] ..he introduced me as kenny rogers..kids loved it & it stuck...u played bass in jazz trio..asked me to play..cocktail job..jazz group..tony bennet across st @ shamrock hotel..learned music from 30s & 40s..kerbie stone..never been to canada..cold..had on t-shirt....landed mercury contract..solo deal..gettin sense of direction?.. have to audition..on phone..hotel lobby..people walkin by..then w. Christy?...folk music..special time.. I haven't been driven..just lucky..follow people..when hear rewards recited..I don't take it seriously..kept them in cardboard boxes..didn't want shrine..wife said u should..so I did..put mirror behind..looked double..

Ed sullivan..thelma camacho..he lovs her..he's losin It ken thought ....he says "welcm thelma & her boys"..now big hits under belt..jimmy bowen..frank sinatra..said "people don't relate to groups..they relate to people.." he chose me..bothered me..once one gets leg up..count days..but we lasted 8 years ..impressed what I've been able to do with so little talent..guy once told me I have a bad throat..said I'm not changing...made me a lot of money..

Coward of county..bizarre song..its abt a rape..we save becky...ruby about guy abt to shoot his wife. They key is to sing depressing songs in an upbeat tone..[laughter]

Music being best memory creator ? U said..remember songs most attached..songs I heard when I was a kid..my mom worst singer..I would move away from her in church..dad played fiddle..back of pickup..like deliverance..period in 70's..hook w butler..string of hits..remarkable..found line btw country & pop..not many found before..took heat fr country industry..not traditional country..

I've had a lot of influences..but I think I brought new peopl to country...not everybodys roots are hank williams..some are alabama..u went on tour dottie west ..dolly parton..I was first to work arenas..in the round..more front row seats

Houston astrodome....had more fans than elvis...now 20,000 30,000 ..in elem school I had a crush on colleen maze..was sure she would marry me,,,she just didn't know it yet....I see her & say, "hey colleen u remember me?" she "kind of" remembers me..ha ha..

Persons influential? First concert I saw was ray charles..girlfriend's mom came w/ us..people laughed.I thought cool..age 12..made decision..that's what I want to be

Country is white man's rhythym & blues..that's why I started working w/ Lionel richie..he wrote "lady" for me..flew him over..working at riviera in vegas.. lionel can't work w/o tremendous pressure..I'm on first verse he's on 2nd verse in bathroom..

In collaborations people sing better..like 100 yd dash..when somebody runs faster..u run faster too..first duet ? Dottie west..she cooked breaksfst..start w song not partner..

Re the gambler..5 made for tv..all the big singers did movies..sinatra ...randolph scott..country club....did a show last night..private place where wealthy go to die..billionaires..I give 10 doll bills for every song they know...and they're scooping up the 10's...

50 years..still 100 dates per year..I got 6 yo..twins..they take apart my bus..new

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