Revolutionary Breakthrough In Breast Cancer Detection

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A revolutionary new imaging technology is expected to help physicians better classify breast lesions. Elasticity imaging is an ultrasound technique recently cleared by the FDA that allows doctors to measure the stiffness of tissue, relative to surrounding areas. This new technique may significantly reduce the need for biopsies. In fact, the American Cancer Society confirms only 20 percent of biopsies turn up positive for cancer.

In a recent elasticity imaging study, doctors studied 166 suspected breast tumors in 99 women scheduled for biopsies. The lesions were measured using both the standard ultrasound technique and elasticity ultrasound. The results showed that elasticity imaging correctly identified all 17 malignant lesions and 105 of 106 benign lesions.

Additional studies on elasticity imaging are currently underway. Doctors say thanks to this new technology the number of biopsies being performed may be reduced by 50 to 70%, greatly relieving patients of the stress and trauma of enduring invasive and unnecessary procedures.
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