Bratz All Glammed Up from MGA Entertainment


Uploaded on April 01, 2011 by Time to Play

With Bratz All Glammed Up dolls, girls can crimp, wave, and curl their Bratz doll's hair. The highlighted portions of each doll's hair are made of "memory hair", which means the hair holds its style as the girl works with it. For example, when you use the crimper on the memory hair, it crimps. The same happens when you use the wave and spiral tools. After a short time, the memory hair will return to normal so kids can reshape it again and again. Each doll also comes with colored hair gel to use on the doll and on kids' own hair. Simply wash the gel out with clean water and allow the hair to air dry before reapplying. Each doll comes with a pair of earrings, a pair of shoes, two hair clips, a headband, hair glitter gel, three hair-shaping tools, and a star-shaped brush.

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