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Uploaded on April 03, 2011 by newpain1800

I CAN REST AT NIGHT 1.800.NEW.PAIN is the real deal. Now my family and I can rest at night. - John P. Miami, FL.

MY SALVATION!!! No one took my case. The Attorney 1.800.NEW.PAIN got me was my salvation. - Eduardo M. Coconut Grove, FL.

THANK YOU!!! Thank you. My Daughter's settlement helped get us through hard times. - Jessica S. Miami, FL.

A SETTLEMENT FOR $150,000!!! Thank you 1 800 NEW PAIN. After my 17 year old son was struck by an ATT van while riding his bike the attorneys from 1 800 NEW PAIN were able to get him a settlement for $150,000. This allowed our family to pay his medical bills and keep some money for himself. - Melisa A.

MY PAIN LEFT, THEN THE BILLS STARTED COMING!!! My pain left, then the bills started coming until 1.800.NEW.PAIN found me a Lawyer right in town. - Patrick H. South Beach, FL.

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