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First of all, I want u all to know that I am a Christian evangelist and actually took time to read the koran aloud in English, voice-recording it, and have posted it online at ; this is NOT an endorsement of the koran but I undertook the project as way to meet the Muslim community half-way ...thinking if I am going to ask them to read my (our) Bible, at least I can take the time to read their koran and truly see what it says for myself. Having done so, I can say that there are parts of the koran which, if taken as a solo verse out of context, can create a pretext..and maybe even some Muslims misread their own koran..just as verses in the Bible, if taken out of context, could become a pretext a whole, the koran is somewhat peaceful and advocates peace, in general..that was my impression..and how many Muslims live peacefully, without violence or advocating violence? It is a small fraction of Muslims who misread the Koran to support violence and death..; having said all of this, I am NOT in support of Pastor Jones burning of the Koran, BUT those Who say "Look what he caused, the death of people" (in retribution, allegedly, for the burning )...if radical muslims think that the burning of one koran (which is paper, nothing more) justifies the killing of 7 people (or more now) where's the GREATER PROBLEM? In fact, in so doing u DID prove PASTOR Jones point.
If a Muslim burned a Bible I know of NO CHRISTIAN GROUP that would justify the killing of a single person in response. These so-called radical Muslims are NOT REAL MUSLIMS, just as when u hear about a so-called "Christian" doing something horrendously anti-Biblical..u know that this was NOT a real Christian and therefore does NOT TAINT the name of all Real Christians..I invite u all to listen to the koran at or read it somewhere (many sites online, different versions) ...NOT to believe it as gospel (only the Bible is gospel truth), but to get a feel for it as literature. The Bible itself, while being the Word of God, is also just paper and ink itself, in the hands of an unbeliever, the Bible has no is only with faith that the Bible has power like a two-edged sword (of faith & peace)..but u can burn my Bible and it doesn't burn me or my fact it adds another spark to my faith..if u burn my Bible I will get another one..and if u burn ALL the Bibles, its already written on my mind and in my heart and I will re-write it, along with other Christians who know the word better than I ..nothing can stop the Spirit..burning the koran was wrong, but killing people in response was a billion times worse...shame on the media for headlining it as the fault of Terry Jones. & Shame on the terrorists (not real Muslims) for killing people in response.

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