Will the Muslim Brotherhood Take Hold in Egypt?

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BY MARIA LOPEZ Anchor: Christina Hartman You're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy...
BY MARIA LOPEZ Anchor: Christina Hartman You're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. In post-Mubarak Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has gained influence and seems to have developed a closer relationship with the military council ruling the country. Analysts say the recent rise of the Islamist group worries secular activists who started the revolution. One Egyptian television producer expresses his concerns about to The New York Times. “We are all worried, the young people have no control of the revolution anymore. It was evident in the last few weeks when you saw a lot of bearded people taking charge. The youth are gone.” And according to reports -- freedom of expression is being taken away as well. The military council last week endorsed a plan to outlaw demonstrations. And CNN reports Egyptian soldiers detained and abused civilians involved in the revolt. RAMY ESAM, REVOLUTIONARY MUSICIAN: "The torture took four hours, they removed my clothes. They used sticks, metal rods, wires, ropes, hoses, whips. There was also electrocution. There was an officer who would purposely jump in the air and land on my face with his legs." CNN REPORTER: “Esam was one of scores of male protesters detained during this crackdown by security forces on Tahrir Square on March 9th. Troops also arrested at least 17 women who were kept for days at a military detainment center.” And according to The Telegraph, the world shouldn’t be surprised. “In a thoughtful report, the International Crisis Group observed that ‘the role of Islamist activists grew as the confrontation became more violent and as one moved away from Cairo; in the [Nile] Delta in particular, their deep roots and the secular opposition’s relative weakness gave them a leading part.” The Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders announced they will seek only a third of the seats in parliament and won’t run a candidate to replace Hosni Mubarak as President, they do expect to have a big say in Egypt’s future. 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for updates in your feed. Get more multisource world video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy.