Libyan Woman Faces Lawsuit After Rape Claim


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[Obaidi screaming to reporters]

Just days after Libyan woman Iman al-Obaidi ran into a hotel claiming 15 of Gaddafi’s military men had raped her-- the accused sue her for slander.

Obaidi ran into a hotel full of journalists to tell her story- and Gaddafi loyalists forced her outside the hotel and into a car... where officials took her to prison- arrested for protesting in an anti-government movement. (Video from CNN and Al Jazeera)

The New Jersey Star Ledger writes, “Undeniably, she is brave... If his forces are willing to clamp down on dissent this way in full view of the world, imagine what they do when no one is watching.”

The Washington Post reports the government first insisted Obaidi was either drunk or mentally ill when she reported the rapes. CNN’s Reza Sayah points out the government even claimed Obaidi was a prostitute.

Reza: “In what is clearly an attempt by the Gaddafi regime to discredit Iman al-Obaidi even before all the facts are out, some regime officials have suggested she’s a promiscuous woman, leading a lifestyle they say, that’s not in keeping with Islam.”

Sky News’ Rhiannon Mills went to a press conference where officials claimed Obaidi’s back with her family now, a complete 180 from what the government had said before.

Spokesperson: “Ms. Iman has been released because of course she hasn’t committed any particular major offense. She just entered a place she wasn’t supposed to enter. She made claims about being kidnapped and raped.”

But Obaidi’s family says they still haven’t seen her- and that the regime is lying about where she is. Since the capture, Obaidi has become a hero among women in the country. Al Jazeera says women protesting in the city is a good sign for the rebel movement.

Anita: “The family’s defiance would have been unheard of two months ago, but the cracks are starting to show in Libya’s formerly coward population.”

But Obaidi may have to pay for her courage. Al Arabiya quotes her cousin -- who says there are only one of two possible outcomes here.

“...the first that Obaidi will be killed and the second is that she will be declared insane, especially that the latter was already alleged by the authorities. … ‘Next time we might see [her sister] on Libyan TV confessing under gunpoint that Eman is insane or emotionally disturbed.’”

Obaidi had bruises on her face, legs and even blood on her inner thigh when reporters saw her. In a recent interview - Obaidi’s mother told CNN she’d - quote - “strangle” Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi if she saw him.

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