9/11 Mysteries - Steel Buildings

By: ghamal

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Uploaded on June 01, 2007 by ghamal

Hello everyone,

First of all, I'm not Islamic, or middle eastern, I'm christian and an American. I'm putting these videos up to try to reach people because I would love to have the victims of this crime see real justice.

Any honest study of the events of 9/11 shows that it was an inside job. If you can't see it or can't accept the evidence then I'm sorry for you, but I'm not responsible for dragging you kicking and screaming towards the truth.

So don't expect me to argue with you. I want to enjoy life, not waste my time arguing. I work full-time for a living and don't need more problems. Besides if you are happy in ignorance I'm not going to try to bum you out.

My hope is that there are honest people out there who are curious to see the truth and will find these videos useful.

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