How WiFi Affects Cells- A Google Global Science Fair Project


Uploaded on April 06, 2011 by theandydude

This is my video for the Google Global Science Fair.

WiFi is a fairly new technology used by millions and millions of people. The problem is that many people believe that WiFi is harmful, but others believe it is not.
When I researched about WiFi and its health effects, I found both positive and negative things about it. So I wanted to know, "who is right?"

That was the reason for doing this project. Since there was no way to know if the research done on WiFi and its health effects is correct, I decided that a good way to see if WiFi is harming us is to do an experiment that I can see with my own eyes. The rules of the Google Global Science Fair states that human/animal subjects could not be used except for previously done research or observation, so I used various cells (yeast, lactobacillus, and liver) to investigate the effects of WiFi.

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