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Now that you have a domain name and host it's time for you to design a website, don't worry it's quite simple if you are willing to learn the software first. The web design software I am going to recommend is called Kompozer, if you enter this in Google you will find it easily, just download it and save it to your desktop, it's free as promised. From here we can build our websites and upload them to the web once ready however in a later article I will even teach you an easier way to do this.

Next you now need to set up an affiliate account, there are many you could sign up to but the one I recommend is ClickBank, it's a very simple process so go and do this now. Others I can recommend are commission junction and amazon affiliates but there are many more if you Google it. Take a look around ClickBank, check out the Market place this is where you can select the products you would like to advertise. Once you have selected a product check out the information underneath, it's here that you will find how much YOU will make for each sale, and how popular the product is. There is a section called grav, the number here is very important because it tells you how popular it is with affiliates, a low gravity may mean it's not worth your time or it may just be new to the Market, a very high gravity may suggest that it's very popular but also that the Market is already flooded with affiliates trying to promote it, I would suggest that you pick something with a gravity somewhere in-between.

It is also very important that you view the page that potential customers will see when they click on your affiliate link, if its something that draws you in and looks good it should do the same to anybody else searching in that niche, on the flip side if you aren't impressed don't bother with it. Once you decide to try and sell a product click promote, this will take you to the area where you can create your affiliate link. Once the box is open just click create and it will produce a unique code just for you, this basically means that when you add this as a link to the product you are promoting ClickBank will know it was you that referred them and if the customer buys you get your share. This isn't important right now but it's important to learn how to use these programmes because when we start to build your list it will be these products that you market to any subscribers in your particular niche.

I am keeping each article short because I don't want to overload you with information all at once. In the next article I will begin to explain popular niches and squeeze pages. Thanks for reading and feel free to click below to subscribe to my newsletters and free Ebook helping you to design a website!

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