Modalert Fight Sleepiness


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Modalert is intended for treatment strong sleepiness caused by narcolepsy and other problems with sleep (e.g., obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome-OSAHS). The drug may be applied by people who have shift work (shift work sleep disorder-SWSD). The mechanism of its work is not fully explored yet. It is considered to influence certain parts in the brain which are responsible for sleep/wake cycle. Do not buy modalert to compensate deficiency of sleep and to shake off tiredness or to stimulate oneself if you have not problems with sleep. Do not buy this medication for children treatment. Modalert Side Effects The majority of people who buy and use this medicine did not notice serious side effects. But sometimes they are possible. These effects appear quite rarely, but they are very serious. Immediately appeal to your doctor if these effects appeared. How to use Modalert Before taking it read the Patient Information Leaflet. If you need more information, appeal to the doctor. It is not obligatory to take this drug only while eating. Take it once a day in the morning or in the time your doctor advised. If problems with sleep caused by a shift work take modalert 1 hour before starting your shift. Also you may order modalert for apnea treatment. Dosage depends on your health and reaction of the body. Follow all the instructions. Do not increase your dose, the frequency and period of taking it: it may cause the addiction. If your state doesn't change or become worse you should appeal to your doctor.

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