Troubled Teens/At-Risk Youth, Youth Programs -Tierra Blanca

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*******www.tierrablancaranch**** Is Your Troubled Teenager's Destructive Behavior Tearing Your Family Apar...
*******www.tierrablancaranch**** Is Your Troubled Teenager's Destructive Behavior Tearing Your Family Apart? Tierra Blanca Ranch offers troubled teenagers a multi-faceted experience, which incorporates wilderness exploration and discovery, work projects, physical fitness, and other athletic activities. This working ranch is a safe, remote environment located in New Mexico on 30,000 acres about 40 miles from the nearest town. The program's directors are Clinton and Scott Chandler, and they are cattle ranchers who are dedicated to working with at-risk youth. For over 15 years the Chandlers, who have a heart for God, have taught at-risk youth responsibility, self-discipline, consequences, and most importantly how to respect themselves, their families, and others. The TBR staff is comprised of very capable individuals from diverse backgrounds such as education, psychology, business, government, and agriculture. They serve as mentors and work with troubled teenagers to set appropriate boundaries while fostering communication skills. The staff work with you and your family and in many cases other organizations which may include therapists, counselors, county and state governments, judges, and mental health professionals. TBR works in conjunction with two New Mexico public school districts and emphasizes to the youth the importance of effective study habits. Troubled Teenagers The greatest gift happens when a once-troubled teen discovers the rewards of working within a family, developing trust for one another, and most of all earning respect. This program helps at-risk youth who are struggling with a variety of problems that may include rebellion, running away, depression, low self-esteem, lying, substance abuse and much more. Many of the families of these troubled teens have been through a tremendous amount and feel they do not have other places to turn for help. Life at the Ranch Throughout your child’s stay at Tierra Blanca Ranch (TBR), your child will get back to the simple life – camping, cooking, physical fitness, working cattle, riding horses, caring for animals, doing school work, and being in a worshiping atmosphere. This environment is similar to what a ranch would have been like 100 years ago. As your teen participates in daily chores on a working cattle ranch, that experience can truly be the catalyst for positive change, even for the most difficult and hard to reach youth. We create order by putting in place structure and rules that need to be followed with consequences that result when they are not. Horsemanship Our youth program designates the responsibility of the daily care of animals to your child. As a result, they begin to develop the essential skills needed for communication, responsibility, decision-making, self-awareness, patience, coping, leadership, and compassion. For many at-risk youth, this type of environment sets the stage for life-long change. Parenting a troubled teenager can be overwhelming for you and your family. You may feel hopeless, desperate, angry, and overwhelmed with your child’s choices. You know that something has to change. TBR has helped numerous troubled teen to make positive changes. Call us today - we look forward to being a part of the solution. Tierra Blanca Ranch Deming, NM 88030 Phone: 575-544-1340 *******www.tierrablancaranch**** ranchtierrablancaranch**** Video Syndicated by Netbiz *******www****biz****/social-media-marketing.php