4/2/11 "The CURE" by Jurgen & Stacey Peretzki (& J. Kliewer) WIN


Uploaded on April 09, 2011 by VANDERKOK

was this for "best makeup"? I think it should have been nominated in other categories as well ...and maybe could have won best scriptural integration ..based on perhaps the best known verse in the Bible, john 3.16 , ..it captured the meaning of the verse (and the entire story of salvation) in a unique way that makes u think twice or thrice about the radical sacrifice God made by giving His only son...in "the cure"...a virus is rapidly killing the population, but one man's son, for some reason, is immune to the virus and one drop of his blood actually kills the virus..is the man willing to sacrifice his son to save the world (they need all his blood) ..and is the son also willing ? very nice job..**The 168 film fest is named such because it allows filmmakers 168 hours (7 days) to create a film based on a provided Bible verse.**

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