Occupy Wallstreet (Requiem to Greedy Wallstreet and Illuminati)


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This song is very special to me as it is a collaboration between my mother and I. She wrote part of this song at 3:34 in the morning on 9/12/2001. She past away a year later 4 days before my birthday in July 2002. The tragic event of 9/11 had a lasting impact impact on the both of us. From that event i suffered greatly, I had to be on medication to keep myself from having panic attacks that were cause by every time on turn on the news channel or read a newspaper. (til this day I no longer watch the news or read papers).

I found this this poem that she wrote, and I decided to complete it into a melody and arrangement. (She was always writing little poems and jingles) She played guitar and piano, and this is where I get all my talent from. I miss her a lot and wish she can hear what i have done with her works. We are in the age of sharing.. so I share this with you all.

Like most people in this country, my mom was an immigrant coming to America for a better life for her family and the American dream. She dedicated her life to helping others as she was a very strong community person on local levels up to state level involvement.

This year marks the 10th year this that tragic day of 9/11, my word to all is for us to wake up, learn truth and vow ourselves a life of love, abstaining from violence and wars, promote peace and unity and deny materialism, greed and selfishness.

Thank you mom for all your love and support. I know you are with me always, watching and protecting, may your blessed spirit rest in peace fro all eternity.

peace to you all!

"Love is the Law" Let it be written...Let it be done!

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